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Hi I'm chris, welcome to my website. It is very new at the moment and I'm hoping to add more and more as I build it so watch this space...

I am a high-tech keyboard vocalist playing venues in Norway, Copenhagen and Amsterdam - click on video for a short demo of the kind of thing I do. Mainly R&R, R&B, party party, lots of high energy dance and not forgeting the late night cosy intimate finish! Also quiet restaurant background 'feelgood' music (Pizza Express etc) see gig page for listings.

I write music and songs - see background page for samples, a complete song "flawed fascination" and an incidental piece entitled "calm".
More compositions will follow as will a CD I am recording of covers which
I hope to sell at gigs.

Please feel free to contact me if I can help you with writing, arranging, producing, playing, composing, gigging or any kind of inspiration for your project.

Thanks for visiting. Ha en fin dag!!