Me and the boys at The Crown Bridport open mic. Never played together before (or since!) no rehearsal just sat and played. Great fun!! Thanks lads.

I don’t normally do open mic but these guys were just great. The Crown Bridport March 2018

Norefjell Nov 2019

Scarce, recording of The Firkin Pub early 80;s!! Dooh Wah Diddy American Pie House of the rising sun

Synopsis Duelling Pianist. The very choosing of this title and meaning is a fight between two persons. Or is it? This book as it unravels would have the reader believe that this is fictional, but it is really more factual, the author drawing on years of life experience, especially in the music industry. Chris the piano player has Rick as his alter ego. Yvonne his wife, a nurse, and Ed his son. Chris the husband and family man who seems to be at peace when in that role, and that it is because of the amazing family that he grew up in. He wants that so much for his own family now. Chris has spent his entire life in the music world, and it is a huge part of his soul and when he shares his music it is evident that he expresses himself and brings joy to his listeners. He has travelled far and wide and spent countless days and hours away from his family. So here he is, two totally different people, Chris the family man and much of the book shares that part of himself with Yvonne and Ed. Then Rick who is the rock and roll part of his ego, “The moth to the flame,” part of his “other” side perhaps. The conflict is the fight between two parts of his soul – which is now being shared with the readers without them realizing, but only seeing this as a story of two musicians, with their very different relationships. Chris who is trying to control his alter ego but loves the exciting part. Hopefully an interesting read and powerful as this author is sharing many years of being two characters. The husband of Yvonne, and father of Ed which gives him the stability of the loving family. This was an enormous part of his life with a mother, also his best friend, who provided a safe haven. Then the undeniable Rick who gets lost in his music and the applause that he gets is where the conflict of the two souls meet. The blissful feeling of being part of a family with its safe cocoon and the other part of the author who feeds on the gratification of playing his music.